Many of you know that I have kept a blog for the last 8 years or so, but due to the sensitivity of our work, we have created this new space. We hope this can continue to be a good place to reflect upon our adjustments, language mishaps, and new friendships as we go. I will continue to try to be transparent, shaving off all the fluff and glory stories that typically surround mission work. I’m just an ordinary guy trying to live this out and welcome you to trek along.

Please bear in mind that we are using pseudo names, so most specifics will be camouflaged. Realize who you are talking to: I am Ty and am married to the beautiful Janessa. Please refer to us by those names in any comments that you make and do not post specific names of places where we serve. With that in mind, we can all remain free to talk about life, Jesus, and His mission.

Stay tuned for more as we head out in two weeks.