Well, we landed in Narnia last Wednesday and immediately jumped into 4 days of hanging with and getting to know our new team. They had been living in a pretty remote village for a few months and the rest for them was much needed. It has been great to be with a group of people where you don’t have to explain yourself. After language study, we’re looking forward to join them in the village.

We’ve had a few moments to roll in Narnianese and get here and there. This morning I called a guy that our teammates knew from the other side of the country who now lives in an area just outside the capital city. Less than 3 years ago he and his family had never heard of Jesus. When they relocated to the capital city area,. they are now left on their own to try to figure out how to discover Jesus together. They have chosen, at very high cost, to follow Jesus and we have the opportunity over the next few months to gather weekly with them and explain Gospel stories to them. This will be such a wonderful opportunity and challenge our language skills and push us along in deeper conversations. Further, we met this family when we were here last December and had a naturalbond. We are so excited to meet them again and deepen friendship centered around the stories of God.

It is religious festival season right now in Narnia so much will be shut down or delayed for the next couple weeks. We hope to get started with language study several hours a day within the next week or two.

Aside from all this exciting, euphoric, caffeinated first several days, I have been thinking of our Narnian refugee friends back in the US. I am very conscious of what it must have been like for them in their first few days in the country. This morning I had my first phone conversation in full-on Narnian which I survived. I have talked with our friends in the US on numerous occassions but to finally be thrown into a similar situation is a whole different story. I am however, also very conscious that my white face is a symbol of power and prestige, much different from my Narnian friends who were resettled in the North Central US. Even if I had no language skills or friends here in the capital city, the very fact that we have American passports gives us a strong entrance and immediate respect. So yes, the tables have been turned, but I will never be able to fully identify with my friends in the US who have so impacted and influenced this new stage of our lives.

I have been reflecting on the nature of the Kingdom and how Jesus emptied himself of power and became powerless to serve those on this earth. What a challenge for us as we navigate our new lives. Still, we have so much access to power, resources, and the like. Staying on our faces before Jesus so we continue to walk in step with the Kingdom. The tables have been turned for sure, yet we feel such grace and welcome here. Til next time. . .