Last Saturday we met with a group of believers from the other side of the country who now live in a small village just outside of the metro. We were able to operate in Narnianese the whole time and was a true test to see where we were with language. I told the parable of the sower which all of them had heard for the first time. They have never been to a Christian church and only met their first believers a few years ago. They really, really like the story as it related a lot to their farming background. One of the ladies in the group who tends to give into social, religious pressure was very honest about what type of soil and seed she was personally. Without flinching she responded, “I am the seed where Satan comes and snatches it away.” Others thought about the personal nature of the parable and were in deep thought about their condition. The leader of the small house church who came to Jesus at age 62, just a few years ago, remarked, “Growing takes time. Believing takes time. It is a process.” Spoken as only a fermer could. That really got me thinking about the nature and substance of my own faith. We are very eager to get to know this group of new friends and deepen faith together.

Their village isn’t far from the main roads of the capital but it already becomes small dirt paths to get to their homes. They live very simply yet have robust faith. I think once or twice a month we’ll stay the night with them when we go as it will deepen relationship and they feel so honored to have slumber parties with guests.

We started our language instruction already and that has been brilliant. I am not sure about Janessa, but I have enjoyed immensely the time so far. We are doing lots with grammar and structure as our vocabulary base and functional Narnianese is quite good at this point. Three hours a day followed by 4 or 5 hours of study, plus time out in the neighborhood is what I call intense. It has been good to get rolling. In other news, I think we found a flat! We’ll buy furniture little by little and hopefully get settled there. It is a nice little neighborhood with a few shops and plenty of opportunity to deepen relationships and language skills.

We’ll write more as it happens.