Well our boy is almost 2 days old! He arrived a couple weeks early and he and Janessa are doing fantastic. I just wanted to write a quick note here filling people in on the delivery and quick process over here.

Janessa went in for a routine check-up and I stayed back for language class. I finished up class a little after 3:30pm and I got a text from Janessa saying she was bored and had been waiting forever at this check-up. This is normal Ty-Janessa text sort of stuff – things take awhile, we get bored, whatever. Our house helper and good friend was here finishing up for the day and we were having an interesting conversation when Janessa called my mobile. She was in tears and told me she had already been admitted to the hospital, had already dilated 5 centimeters, and was upset because no one was with her and she had no supplies, clothes, etc.

I hung up the phone and tried to find someone to run me to the hospital and round up a few people to help out. The original plan was for our team members from the NW of the country to fly down in a week or so and be with us for the delivery. So I called an American friend who has been very helpful the last several weeks (a missionary friend) and she hurried over to our place while I tried to have our house helper Gita back all that she could. In the meantime the load on my phone rang out so I had to run to the corner store to buy more recharge cards to load my phone and call our teammates in the NW. When I got back they had already been phoned about everything and moments later Gita and I were out the door to meet my American friend at the main intersection.

It was after 5pm when I got the call from Janessa and was around 5:50pm by the time I actually got to her room. I had to sign some documents and get a couple things approved and by this time the nurses had already broken her water and she was in labor. So Gita, our American missionary friend Tonya (a made up name), our Narnian friend who we met in the States, Devika (another fake name), and I were all there. Within half an hour or so Janessa was screaming pretty loud as the contractions became more and more painful.

Most of our interactions with staff were in the Narnaian language as English was a struggle for some of them. As interacted about most of this with Gita and Devika I was operating in Narnian. It is so interesting to see all this happening and in the process be entering fully into the life of the country God called us to serve. That is sort of a side note, but it was exhilarating to experience though it was difficult.

Nice sweet Janessa was pretty much going off on all the doctors as the pain came and went, sometimes understanding what was happening. Sometimes, not so much. She took no pain medication the entire time and screamed away. J She’d yell at a nurse or doctor telling them they are trying to hurt her. Then, when the pain would go away, she’d sweetly apologize to them. Typical Janessa isn’t it? So by 7:30 or 7:45pm she was already moved into the delivery room. She pushed 2, maybe 3, times and the boy was out! At one point Janessa was trying to figure out who her doctor was because her original doctor was not there at that time. She says in Narnian “What is your name?” But the “your name” portion of the sentence was a loud screech as the pain was so intense. That was a bit humorous and I smirked when that happened. Another nice moment was right after the head had come out. . . Tonya says “Oh, here is the head!” Janessa says, “You can already see the head?? (in total surprise). Tonya: “Yep!” Then Janessa says, “What the hell??” Oh goodness, it was hilarious. Not very many moments later the baby was being cleaned off and dress while Janessa was being stitched up.

So seriously, by 8:30pm it was all done and most of the folks with us were able to go home and get some sleep. Devika stayed the night with Janessa and I (and the new addition). The doctors, nurses, and all involved were extremely kind, helpful, and professional. We could have not asked for better people serving us and are quite thankful that we had the delivery here in Narnia. What a wonderful gift to Have Narnians serving us in this way and what a blessing to have our little boy born in this wonderful country.

So within 24 hours we were home, the baby is eating, and we’re all adjusting to this new life.

We are so so thankful to the God of the universe for keeping Janessa and the baby healthy and braining such a blessing into our lives. Countless people were praying and so many helped out Wednesday night. We had been married 14 years and 1 month at the time of the birth. That is a very long time to wait but the timing of God is perfect. We are excited to raise this little guy into being a disciple of Jesus and can’t wait to bring him to the village in a few months as we start a new life together.

Again thanks for praying and hope you enjoyed the journey with us so far. . .