In January, many of you prayed along with us as our ministry took 21 days to fast and pray, asking God to clarify His direction as we move forward. My friend Chris who lives in a Mexican neighborhood in Chicago commented to me that a month long fast at the beginning of the year is literally like giving the Lord the very first of all you are and all you long to do for that year. Similar to the tithe, we submit all to Christ during this time.

The last two weeks have been pretty tough as we’ve tried to plow through some challenges in ministry here. The Spirit spoke so clearly about some things in January but as is expected, there has been a lot of challenge over the last few weeks. One of the key words the Lord gave me about 10 days into the fast was the word “tenacious”. If you know anything about me, you know this word describes me well. I don’t quit and I won’t back down. This last two weeks of discouragement though has found me questioning the Lord’s strong voice as I heard it in January. I’m going back to what I know to be true of Jesus, His plan, and His pursuit of me. It is time to raise the flag again and be tenacious.

Maybe you find yourself at a spot today when you are just tired of trying. Maybe you’re tired of being alone or starting over again and again. I get that. I also get that Jesus is with you; He is with me. Our Redeemer has not called us to passivity and comfort. He is a relentless God who keeps pursuing us. Dare to pick up your feet once more and follow the One you know is trustworthy. Tenacious.

We have some extremely big news coming about the direction the Lord has given us for the Carrick neighborhood here in Pittsburgh and we’ll be announcing that little by little starting next week and towards the end of March. In the meantime we are holding tight to the love of Jesus that sees every pocket of our neighborhood, sees every corner of our hearts, and we are following Him in His tenacious love for this place.