This morning I sat with a key community leader of one of the most influential institutions in our neighborhood to hear what her perceptions were on the community, what her organization offered, and how we could come alongside. I explained that the vision and posture of our ministry is to really hear from the community through people like her and other residents what they really dream for this place – what is needed, what do we already have within our grasp, what can we do together that could truly make a difference. At the core this is simply knowing your neighbors and engaging a community.

Her response.

Wait for it.

“What a radical idea!” This was not sarcasm or coddling. It was an honest reflection from someone who has worked with the library, schools, and non-profits for over 40 years and was speaking into the situation as she saw it. The Church in North America has simply become so invisible to our surrounding communities that actually engaging the culture all around us is viewed as radical. Guys, while I was honored at the life and hope the conversation brought today, I was inwardly mourning what got us to this place.

May we regain our voice as we engage our communities. One conversation at a time. One day at a time. One week at a time. One month at a time. The way of the Kingdom is often slow and unassuming. Let’s go!