I am John and am married to this beautiful girl and have an awesome 1 year old boy. We have lived and served for 13 years cross-culturally and I use this space as a place to let friends an onlookers know what is going down with us.
The blog mostly centers around urban mission and daily life, with the occasional theological reflection. I try to write often on blind-related issues, disability, and attempt to help others see through that lens.

I’m a pretty normal guy. I like to read. Love hanging with people. Words are cool to me. Pizza and coffee are gifts from the Creator. The days when I can combine all these at once are nice. Every attempt will be made here to be as raw as I can be, stripping the mission glory stories and walking through normal life with my words.

My wife and I are deeply committed to Jesus and have made Him the center-focus of our lives. We want to live in the city and see injustice turned on its head. The fact that there are still many in our society who remain invisible sets us off. Only Jesus can see a re-creation of society where He is King. For us we want to see all levels of society worship Jesus and see entire communities transformed. That’s why we’re here.

Send us a message or leave a comment. We’d love to stay in touch.