As many of you know, we are in a pretty dire need for workers to come out here and contribute to the work in rural Narnia. If you are in transition, have felt God calling you for a long time, or simply want to give 3-12 months to becoming more like Jesus in service to hi/the discipleship process, please consider coming out.

General Team Member Summary:

“The Team” is the Job Description
As we invite people to come work with us, we are very aware of the need to define roles and meet realistic expectations. It Conflict almost always arises in mission work when expectations are not clarified and to that end we want to clearly assert that being a team member is by far the most necessary realization for anyone coming to serve with us. For years, villagers in our area have seen a society that is broken and it is that brokenness and gossip about it that dominates many conversations on the hillside of Narnia. NGO’s and other organizations have come to many areas of the country and done a lot of projects to help the society. Our goal, however, is a bit different. We are trying to show our village who Jesus is. With the team living together or in close proximity, every single villager will know when we laugh, when we fight, when we show peace, when we tell the story of Jesus, and everything in between. This harmony and unity will be the most important piece to showing what a transformed community looks like. So as you come, your most necessary realization is that you are now part of a team that embraces daily servanthood with people very different from you. That gets practically worked out in helping with a little farm, doing house chores (fetching water, cooking over a fire, cleaning), being part of at least one concentrated area of ministry upon arrival, participating in weekly house church services, and assisting in the communication of the Gospel with story-telling/skits as needed. This is just part and parcel of being on our team and participating in our Jesus-community.

Specific Description:
We are looking for someone willing to serve for 3 months-2 years alongside our Jesus-community who is committed to showing who Jesus is to villagers from a Hindu society. The proclamation piece of our holistic model is met primarily through Gospel story-telling. Areas of potential service will include farming/gardening, hospitality, serving in a local school teaching English, providing basic medical training and treatment or participating in a women’s widow friendship group. A shorter length of service means that you will likely have limited Narnian speaking skills; there must be a high emphasis on working hard and showing the Gospel to the community. Upon arrival each member will work to discover their niche and gain coaching, encouragement, and discipling from older team members on serving unreached peoples.

Job Duties:
The person needed will do general manual labor such as hauling water, cooking, assists with gardening, contributing to Gospel story-telling, participating in weekly team meetings and house church fellowship, assisting or leading one of the above mentioned daily ministries. Above all of these duties, the person in this role will have a strong prayer and devotional life, have a strong desire and initiative to learn the Narnian language, embrace servanthood, strive to live in unity with the team, and desire to learn from villagers on how to live in a new context. Further, the team member will embrace the reality that the village is their home and that this life is not something merely to be endured until they go to the city. This is your new life in the Kingdom of God.

Using your Professional Skills to Serve
In line with our mission to bring community transformation to a village community in Northwest Narnia, we are interested in talking with college students and those with professional skills who have a calling to serve Jesus, work alongside those in the community, and help pioneer a move towards transformation in their field.

Walking Together
Any worker, regardless of their field of expertise, comes in with the assumption that the community itself holds the keys for community transformation. As the unreached experience the power and love of Christ, slowly we see a society changed. All should realize they are called to walk alongside and have power-under Kingdom mindset. Christ came to serve and give his life; we do the same as we walk with villagers together in demonstrating Kingdom transformation.

Love for Jesus and the Narnian People
Without flinching, this is what must bleed out of any potential work. Life and labor in our village is too difficult and there are too many frustrations for the first requirement to be a “professional in your field”. First and foremost, the potential worker must be compelled by the love of Jesus and guided by His Spirit. This is so critical and an underlying assumption for all on our team.

Broad Areas of Focus
1. College Students who want to experience serving the unreached in community transformation
As part of your discipleship process, we believe our team has an incredible opportunity to live among rural villagers in NW Nepal learning what it means to serve on a team, announcing and demonstrating the Kingdom of God. You will learn language, see Gospel storying happen among the unreached, and participate in community-wide, community-driven development.
2. Education Specialist
Education and literacy are lacking in our region but many villagers have taken up the challenge to provide quality education in their villages. A person is needed to come alongside the local schools, provide encouragement and cooperation, and develop discipleship relationships with staff and students. Education specialists are also needed to develop extracurricular activities along with parents in the village and teach a day or two a week to teammate’s children. There is also a need for conversational English for graduating secondary school students as many will move to the capital city to work or go to college. This hodgepodge of activity will strengthen and support the system villagers have established and inspire creativity amongst each other.
3. Agricultural and Environmental Specialist
Everyone in our community is a farmer and it is this life-work that surround social and religious activities. Poor irrigation systems and polluted water is a major problem in the village. Training and walking alongside to bring these improvements is necessary as well as the development of rooftop gardens for the team.
4. Healthcare Workers
There is a tiny health post in our village with the nearest hospital being several hours walk away. Servants are needed to come alongside the Nepali staff at the health post providing care in their area of expertise and training to other healthcare workers. Discipleship relationships and demonstrating Kingdom ethics are paramount for someone in this role.

A Pioneer Spirit Using Local Resources
All who come to the team must bring a pioneer spirit as they will likely be one of the first in their area of service to speak into our context. Their voice will be one of the first from outside the community to ever be heard. This is why it is so important to both facilitate trust and have a pioneering spirit to start new initiatives that have never been done before. Further, such work will come from local resources in a way that is sustainable and can be multiplied.