I have been in vacation spot central with my parents and relatives for the last couple months. Many in the US come to this area to retire, sit on the beach, and live the good life. Surrounded by fantasy lands, majic, and palm trees are enough to make most hearts skip a beat. I will confess that this place is super-cool. Who wouldn’t want to be here for awhile? But nearing the end of our 2 months reminds us that it is time to get out of here. A friend of mine in college, borrowing from a Christian song that came out several years ago would say: “It is time to put on our God shoes, raise the flag again, do what we’re here for.” I can feel that. . . and I almost hear my friend singing that to me again.

Being with our relatives here has been so wonderful and we will have few moments like this again in our lives. We have been able to spend long periods of time listening, talking, eating hamburgers and pizza. . . normal family stuff. Pain, triumphs, and all in between have been shared with each other. With every bite of pizza, Janessa and I are conscious that our little village in Narnia doesn’t exactly have a local Pizza Hut.

Family has been something we learned from our Narnian refugee friends when we lived up north. I’m not sure we ever really understood hospitality and being there for one another until we met them (and for the record, I use the term “refugees” only to describe their newness to my own culture. . .this is not who our friends are nor is it how they want to be view. . they are simply friends) I feel like my own case study bringing that life into my relatives crib. So many reflections and worldview differences between the Narnians and my own blood relatives. Even worldview differences between Janessa and I and our extended family. Culture changes you over the years. Yet, I’m thankful that we’re all different and continue to learn how to live the good life. I guess at the end of the day the good life is about being a Jesus-centered family wherever you are and to whomever God takes you.

So living the good life in Narnia will be a bit different from this 2 month siesta we’ve been honored to have. We’ll be guzzling down tea, eating the same simple foods all the time, and speaking a language unheard on the beach I went to last weekend. The gifts and talents that stand out in us right now will again need to be laid down on the ground before Jesus. Our conversational Narnianese skills will be put to the test. But man we’re looking forward to putting the petal to the metal and driving this thing.

For us, Narnia is the good life. Not the beach. Not a golf cart and a martini. . . just hanging with new friends, learning to live life with them, and announcing and demonstrating as much as we possibly can that Jesus is King. One conversation at a time. One moment at a time. It’s time to live the good life. . . put on our God shoes and do what we’re here for.